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Interested in joining the team? We’d love to hear from you.

EzzEEx offers you the opportunity to be a part of something big:

Tackling the ever-growing data privacy problem. Plus, you get to work alongside ambitious, talented, and supportive colleagues, while having fun doing it.

We are a community of artistic professionals with a range of cultural, regional and academic backgrounds and a clear outlook on each other. In addition, each of our team members has ample space for increasing and innovating in their own niches, which could lead finally to fervent contribution towards company betterment. 

In order to have a positive, fulfilling, long-term career, we feel fortunate to hire people whose dream, concentration and motivation are similar and yet completely different. In addition, we also foster team spirit and strengthen personal leadership skills, through partnering with the city’s most creative web developers, content creators, digital marketers, customer service heroes and many others.

We are a Jaipurite-based house of global brands. As a content development company we are a one stop solution for every client’s needs.  A brand with the job of doing something positive that accumulates. Something that will change is manufacturing, in which our younger generation dreamed of working. Anything that resets the norm for good and apparently we did a lot and want to do a lot more. Much needs to be achieved, in a tandem, with far more skilled heads and hands. 

We work together, we brainstorm, we laugh and we grow. We laugh. We hope to see you join us if it sounds interesting to you.