Copyright and Fair Usage

COPYRIGHT AND FAIR USAGE​ : Updated July 1st 2022

  • The client admitted that the agency service did not grant him the copyright of the work, and that the copyright always belongs to the principal.
  • The client is independently licensed to own a copy of the work for academic purposes to be used as a sample/model response assigned by the client. The client has not obtained the copyright or the right to display his work in whole or in part. In addition, the customer agrees not to distribute, display or resell the work in an illegal manner, and to handle the work in a manner that fully respects the fact that the customer does not own the copyright of the work.
  • customers cannot transfer the work in their own name because they do not own the copyright of the work, which violates the terms of use.
  • agents will publish the “Fair Use Policy” on their website, and, as a condition of using the service, the customer agrees to read, understand and abide by the “Fair Use Policy”. 
  • a customer agrees that if you submit the client’s work in whole or in part, it means that you have violated the client’s copyright and will automatically lose all your rights under these terms and conditions. Any further actions taken for such incidents are entirely at the discretion of the EzzEEx.
  • The client understands that the agency, its staff, and authorities do not tolerate or condone theft, and the agency reserves the right to stop providing services to anyone suspected of doing so. The agency agrees that all works provided through its services will not be resold or distributed for remuneration, or distributed in other ways after completion.

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